Dressage Tests for 2011 in Printable and Downloadable format for FREE

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2011 Dressage Tests

Introductory Level

USDF Introductory Test A
USDF Introductory Test B
USDF Introductory Test C

Training Level

USDF Training Level Test 1
USDF Training Level Test 2
USDF Training Level Test 3

First Level

USDF First Level Test 1
USDF First Level Test 2
USDF First Level Test 3

Second Level

USDF Second Level Test 1
USDF Second Level Test 2
USDF Second Level Test 3

Third Level

USDF Third Level Test 1
USDF Third Level Test 2
USDF Third Level Test 3

Fourth Level

USDF Fourth Level Test 1
USDF Fourth Level Test 2
USDF Fourth Level Test 3

FEI Level

Get the current FEI tests here.

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Impulsion Unlimited Dressage Horse Sales and Representation is owned and Operated by USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze Medalist, Susan Cooper and Jeff Johnson. Together, we have over 40+ years experience training, showing and marketing dressage horses and we help avoid mistakes while making the process of buying or selling, faster, easier and informative. Sue's education includes years of training with dressage greats as: Dorothy Morkis,Canadian Olympian Gina Smith, Pan American Games Competitor Pam Goodrich and United States Olympian Carol Lavell. While in dressage training with USA Olympian Carol Lavell, she achieved her USDF Gold medal in 1998 and holds Silver and Bronze medals as well. Jeff's experience with buying and marketing of dressage horses spans 20 years. His focus is on understanding client needs, abilities and aspirations and matching the horse and rider. He is a published author, web developer, featured speaker and registered expert witness on buying and selling dressage horses. He is also the president of a a sales performance improvement consultancy based in Virginia. Success is in the Match!
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