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Future Arrivals -

February Arrivals:

We have two additional horses contracted to arrive in the beginning of February. Including this beautiful 2nd, schooling 3rd Black Mare

KSTrotA third is in the works pending stall availability.

Send me a quick note for details! Jeff

Sellers... We are accepting consignment horses on our waiting list at this time. Call us to discuss your situation. 540-309-6427

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16.1H Handsome Dark Bay Gelding

New Arrival - January 19th, 2016

9 years old, super disposition, dark bay branded HAN gelding. We haven't even sat on him yet as of 1-20-16  but man can this boy move! We will be setting pricing shortly and our intention is to match him ASAP so he will be priced to SELL.

Update: Sue sat him yesterday and is totally bummed that it is snowing.


IMG 1026

Trainers on our mailing list can expect more details in our Saturday marketing email! Or, give me a call Friday afternoon. Jeff

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Black Beauty

New Arrival - January 20th, 2016

Impulsion Unlimited is proud to present Larke, a beautiful, super sweet jet black Oldenburg mare by the Stallion L'Andiamo who is SOLIDLY schooling fourth level dressage!

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  • She recently earned bronze for a former rider and has a successful show record through 3rd level.
  • She is not spooky, safe around kids, dogs, cats, and neighbor's high powered rifles.
  • She is a petite, compact, 16.0 hands, light, forward, elegant, and super fun to ride.
  • 13 years old
  • Larke is lovely in the bridle with great willingly forward energy.
  • She is NEVER marish, and comes out every day ready and willing to work.
  • Horses like Larke, at this price point sell very quickly!
  • Don't mess around waiting and miss out.

Larke is a wonderfully suited horse for a junior rider or an adult amateur rider desiring to learn from a Correctly Trained Dressage Horse.

She is in full training and Located in Huddleston Virginia.

This black beauty is a tremendous opportunity at the price point of $27,500.

If you are tired of looking at over priced horses in Florida or disappointed with the quality of training of horses you tried and ready to meet your match call Impulsion Unlimited today.

540-296-0836 and ask for Jeff or Sue or click the email link below.

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Dressage Horses for Sale


Welcome to Impulsion Unlimited

"The Magic is in the Match"SM.

Our Exclusive Focus is Matching Quality Dressage Horses with Riders.

 At Impulsion Unlimited, we employ processes developed through 25 years successfully marketing horses and matching buyers with their dream horses to help you buy the right horse the first time.

Sue Cooper - FEI Trainer and USDF Gold Medalist

"Finding your match and buying the right dressage horse to meet your goals does not happen by accident. For many, the search process is needlessly time consuming, expensive and frustrating".


Matching dressage horses to help you meet your goals is our livelihood.

Talking about a horse for sale without understanding needs is a common fault of both buyers and sellers. "We begin with a conversation to understand and clarify "your needs" before talking about dressage horses".


Jeff Johnson on his horse FDR - Franklin"We match your needs with amateur safe, sane, and sound dressage horses for sale".

"We will NEVER waste your time or money showing inappropriate horses hoping for a fit. We won't invite you to come to Virginia unless we feel there is a very good probability of a match".


All our horses are  in full-time professional training under Gold Medalist Sue Cooper and located at our facility in Virginia.

If you don't see a horse of interest on our Dressage Horses for Sales page, Complete the dressage horse buyers information form at the bottom.


If you are "just thinking" about purchasing a new dressage horse for sale, or getting started on your search for dressage horses, REGISTER TODAY for access to our exclusive article on How To Find Your Dream Horse in 90 Day or Less.


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Hi Jeff,

Just wanted to say thank you for a great webinar!. The replay should be up today. I think you covered some really important points and that horse professionals will get a lot out of it.

All the best,


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