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How to video a young horse for sale

Hi - we met at the Pam Goodrich Clinic.

Your website is very informative - I will definitely recommend you folks to anyone looking to sell their horse.

Thanks for looking - would appreciate any comments, feedback, etc.
Thanks much.

Thanks for your email. Here are a ideas you might want to consider.

My first suggestion with him would be to get him going under saddle before trying to sell him. I think your investment of time or money to get him started under saddle would pay back very well.

It was difficult from your video to get a good feel for temperament, conformation and basic gaits which are the primary areas as a buyer I would be trying to evaluate.

With an unstarted youngster I would be looking for the following for evaluation:



  • Catching/Leading
  • Grooming
  • Aisle Manners (cross ties etc.)
  • Picking Feet
  • Clippers
  • Walk and Trot straight away and to the camera on a lead line
  • Loading on and off a trailer (in standing wraps)

Total length of completed video section should be 3-5 minutes.


Still Photograpgy: all shot with a 50mm lens to minimize distortion
  • A nice head and neck shot (braids are recommended)
  • Front
  • Back
  • Side  showing all four legs (open pose) with neck out
  • Closeups of legs: Front, Back and Side
Still Shot of Trot - Usually I take these with the my Nikon but you can also get good shots out of the video editing software if shooting 29 Frames a Second (non-interlaced mode). Most video editing software lets you put still pictures in your video like a slide show (allow 3-5 seconds for each picture.



  • Walk and trot in a straight line away and back towards the camera.
  • A few minutes of Walk. Trot, Canter in and enclosed area at liberty in wraps.
  • As a 3 year old, I would want to see Walk, Trot and Cantor  both directions on a lunge line at a minimum.


Other information:

  • Introduction Titles

  • Pedigree if that is a selling point

  • Credits including how to reach you for more information

Final Thoughts:

Some people really like lot's of creative presentation in their videos "slow motion" and other "special effects". I feel that it is easy to over do it and creates a distraction to the subject matter so I would avoid extreme creativity.

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Impulsion Unlimited Testimonials

Dear Jeff and Sue,  almost 4 months have passed since I've had Ravel and I have never been happier!  He is the horse of my dreams.  I never thought I could learn so much in such a short amount of time, but he has been so wonderfully patient and attentive.  I want to thank you for matching me to this most beautiful talanted boy!  He is everything you said and more.  I will direct anyone your way looking for a real partner!  Thank you again and I will be sending you a video of our progress!  God bless you both with good health and a happy 2011!  Rosemary